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(Min No of Paxs 最少人数 = 30) .

Crispy Fried Chicken served with IWS Mango Salad Thai Style IWS泰式芒果沙律香脆鸡
Steam Fish Fillet with IWS Golden Tofu IWS黄金片蒸鱼
Prawns served with Kiwi Fruits 鲜果虾球
IWS Seafood Dumplings served with IWS Dumpling Sauce IWS 海鲜饺子和IWS 配酱

* IWS Fried Rice with Black Olive Leaves * IWS Stir-Fried Bee Hoon Taiwanese Style
IWS橄榄菜炒饭 IWS台湾式香菇米粉
* IWS Savoury Delights Shish Kebab Style served with IWS Dipping Sauce * IWS Jade Cup served with Chicken Ham- Egg
IWS 鸡肉-海鲜小点心串和配酱 IWS 鸡腿肉-蛋沙律翡翠杯
*IWS Mixed Vegetables Delights *IWS Mixed Vegetables in Spicy Coconut Curry
IWS 罗汉大会拼 IWS香辣咖哩杂菜
DESSERT 甜品 (* To Select either one 请选任何一甜品)
( Cold / Hot*) IWS "Good-Luck"
Cheng T'ng Deluxe
IWS Organic Soya Desserts (Original Flavour)
IWS好运年年清汤豪华 ( 冷/烧*) IWS 有几豆花(原味)
Beverages饮料 (* To Select either one 请选任何一饮料 )
IWS Lemon/Honey Dew Drinks * Fruit Punch杂果汁
Additional Order加单
(No of sets required数量(套): )
IWS Hong Yun Yu Sheng @ $28/- (Per Set for 10 Paxs)
IWS七彩 鸿运鱼生 @ $28/- 每套 (10 人1套)
Terms & Conditions

Other Charges:
1. Transport Charges - S$30.00 
2. Rental of Additional Tables @ S$5.00 per table
3. Rental of Additional Stools @ S$0.50 per stool

1. Complete layout with warmers, tables, table-cloth and skirtings
2. Full set of disposable cutlery, trash bags, serviettes  & condiments

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